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Inserta Tee Brand Case Study

INSERT-A-TEE© Brand Case Study

The Situation

A former client hired us to assist in maximizing his investment one year after acquiring a firm called Fowler Manufacturing. The company manufactured and sold a plumbing device called the INSERT-A-TEE© used to connect laterals to mainlines for wastewater and storm water sewer applications. The product was one of several lateral connection methods available in the marketplace, and national awareness of the company and its product was nil. The initial annual budget to promote this new and relatively unknown product was less than $20,000.

The Mission

Build product sales nationally on a controlled growth rate basis of 10% to 15% per year.

The Solution

Research indicated that competitive products were more difficult, time consuming, hazardous and expensive to install. These issues were addressed by informing the marketplace of the ease, speed, safety factors and cost effectiveness of the installation of the INSERT-A-TEE©. The product was subsequently positioned as The Lateral Connection Solution© and the firm was renamed INSERTA FITTINGS Co.®

An integrated sales and marketing approach was utilized to communicate the benefits of the INSERTA TEE® brand product line to target markets including public works personnel, civil engineers, contractors and pipe manufacturers.

As the years passed (16½ in all), message continuity was maintained throughout all elements of the firm’s marketing communications and sales promotion activities, including media advertising, tradeshows and exhibition conferences, publicity and public relations vehicles, industry, trade and association directories and website storefronts, direct mail, demonstration videos and DVDs, and the firm’s website. Best practice branding concepts were utilized via small fractional print media ads and direct mail flights with high graphic impact and minimal copy reinforcing the tag line differentiator “The Lateral Connection Solution”. The marketing effort was supported with product publicity in publications within each target market segment.

Measurement determined with Bi-Annual Research Questionnaires crafted by the agency and forwarded by print media publications on their letterhead to 1,000 of each publication’s randomly selected readers in order to reach each target market segment.

The Results

National product awareness grew from 3% to 94% and sales consistently increased at a minimum growth rate of 15% per annum over a 16+-year period. This growth was accomplished by constantly presenting the brands core values and advantages with each of the 5 new product lines introduced. The client Richard (Dick) Kief, (in a video endorsement) attests that the company was extremely profitable and he credits the agency with a substantial role in the company’s growth and profitability.

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